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China Maintenance Supervisor

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Your responsibilities

岗位目的Main Purpose:

Be responsible for plant maintenance support in terms of production machines 负责提供工厂在生产设备方面的维修和保养支持

主要职责 Main Responsibilities:

  • Preventive Maintenance, with providing assistance to his supervisor.
    • ensure that all preventive maintenance is performed effectively, correctly and on time
    • ensure that all standard records are correct and in place
  • Maintenance technical as an implementation to his supervisor, supporting plant in case of:
    • special machine problems,
    • machine relocation
    • technical training
    • machine refurbishment
    • machine audit
  • Spare parts management ,helping his supervisor to improve:
    • spare parts stock in each plant
    • central spare parts stock level for better service to the plant
  • Trainings
    • conducting standard maintenance trainings
    • helping his supervisor to develop yearly Regional maintenance training plan
  • Breakdowns
    • breakdown analysis
    • developing and monitoring action plans

岗位绩效评定Performance Measurements:

  • Preventative maintenance work is up to date (paperwork proves it)
  • Down time
  • Training hours
  • PM hours/ Corrective hours
  • Inventory control of parts (Regional shared spareparts stock list reflects it)

Your competencies and qualifications

资历技能 Qualifications/Skills:

  • Junior College degree and above with major in mechanic, automation, or both 大专以上学历,机械制造,机电一体化,设备自动化等相关专业毕业
  • 10+ years of work experience at mechanical engineering and maintenance or similar industry 至少10年从事机械工程或者设备维护的工作经验
  • At least 5-year maintenance experience on Alpla production site 5年以上阿普拉生产制造行业设备维修工作经验
  • Be familiar with each kind of mechanism, electrical and hydraulic principle and control 熟悉各种复杂设备的机械结构,电气原理及实际控制应用,熟悉液压原理及实际应用
  • Certificate of electrical operation is a must 具有电工操作证;
  • Language requirement: English, Reading: available for technical doc. Speaking: average 语言要求:英语,阅读:能够阅读技术文件;听说:平均水平
  • Strong awareness on responsibility; be good at learning and good communication 工作责任心强;善于学习;有良好的沟通能力。

Contact person
Christy Chen, Human Resources

ALPLA (China) Technologies Co., Ltd.
28 Zihai Road, Zizhu National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Minhang Shanghai, 200241 Shanghai, China
T +862124036099,

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