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Packaging Manager

What you will enjoy doing

Main Purpose of the Job

  • Responsible for communication and cooperation with AMS, TC SH and customer related technical departments.
  • The person in charge of the project landing plant, leading the project verification process.
  • Lead internal technical work, assist to solve production technical problems, develop internal technical standards and new technology, new method, new process validation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for follow the mould qualify procedure.
  • Update the project status to operations manager, organize the project meeting and make meeting minute.
  • Organize the labeling or printing trials of new project.
  • Be responsible for daily contact and communication with customers. Gets the requirement from customer side and Provides help and support for the customers.
  • Assist  each related department to set up good information communication channel with customers.
  • Cooperate with master batch supplier and label supplier to improve the production efficiency.
  • Prepare the color samples and standard label samples, and send to customer for approval.
  • Follow the blowing and labeling improvement.
  • Finish other administrative or operational tasks assigned by the superior.

What makes you great

  • Master degree in technical field or equivalent.
  • 3 to 5 years of project management experience (production planning).
  • Familiar with the new project development procedure.
  • Previous experience as a managerial role is a must.
  • Excellent computer skills (Excel, Power Point, Word).
  • Familiar with the mould especially for the blowing mould.
  • Good communicate capability.
  • Chinese and English reads and writes fluently.
  • Good analysis ability.
  • Some items can be adjusted for the proper candidate.



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