ALPLA TABA for Plastics S.A.E.

10th of Ramadan City / Egypt / Information Technology / Full time

IT Applications Engineer MENA

What you will enjoy doing

IT Applications Engineer is responsible for handling all functions related to business applications/software (e.g. Oracle, AX).
Employee would be the lead in developing, supporting applications and improving existing software; would perform evaluations to understand the unique goals of each project and then implement after careful assessment.

  • Evaluate existing applications and performing updates and modifications to improve functionality and ensure efficient and secure operations
  • Monitor existing systems and recommend improvements by integrating new technologies
  • Collaborate with development team and consultant to set specifications for new applications
  • Remodel and adapt applications as needed to optimize performance
  • Install applications and confirm proper communication between equipment and systems
  • Test applications extensively to ensure they are error and bug free
  • Act as a technical advisor to all departments
  • Maintain computer applications databases
  • Ensures along with IT Systems Engineer correct licensing for all applications/softwares
  • Assist & guide users in understanding & confirming standard Alpla IT policies if existing for respective applications
  • Develop technical handbooks to represent the design & functionality of new applications
  • Maintains guides and up to date documentation for processes
  • Maintains & records permission matrix
  • Maintains inventory and vendor lists of all systems that are under his responsibility
  • Coordination of IT applications projects and requirements and then manage them with resource allocation and status reporting
  • Coordination with Remote support Team/Service provider along with local applications Engineer to solve end user issues/queries
  • Implementations & Planning of new projects/rollouts and liaising the same with remote support team
  • Structured reporting of all activities
  • Shall be able to cover work responsibilities of IT Systems Engineer MENA, in case needed
  • All tasks to be carried out as per set 5S & HS standards
  • Any tasks as per instructions from Supervisor or Manager

What makes you great

  • Bachelor’s in computer engineering, computer science, or related field
  • 5+ years’ experience as an applications engineer
  • Extensive knowledge in various programming languages (Java, Perl, Python, C++ etc.)
  • Excellent command of written and spoken Arabic & English (Good communication skills) & interpersonal competence
  • Certified application developer is a plus
  • A working knowledge of programming languages such as Java and ORACLE
  • Experience in application and software development / Knowledge of software design and programming principles
  • Excellent project management skills including MS Project, Excel, Word etc.
  • Basic knowledge of networking & software
  • Excellent team work and management skills
  • Demonstrating project management abilities
  • Developing strong quantitative skills
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Creative, analytical, and driven / Analytical and cross-system thinking
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment
  • Enjoys complex problem-solving and collaboration
  • Multitask capability – successful execution of several projects in parallel
  • Considerable knowledge of business processes, strategic planning and budgeting


ALPLA TABA for Plastics S.A.E.

mrs Hend Marei, Human Resources

Industrial Zone A6, Al Sharqia Governorate

44629 10th of Ramadan City